Gov. Prof. Nyong’o Shocks Kenyans by Appointing Non-Luo to His Cabinet. Who Is This Lucky Kikuyu

– Prof. Nyong’o took Kenyans by surprise when he appointed a non-Luo to his cabinet.

– The Kisumu residents were all left wondering what their Governor was up to by appointing a Kisumu resident and by extension someone from a different community.

– Kisii Community feels being part of their Luo Brothers

To some, it never came as a surprise because they always take Prof. Nyong’o words as the gospel truth a local resident was quoted saying ” Nyong’o ok mung’ ga wach, gima owach nit otimo nyaka otim”  ( Prof. Nyong’o does not mince his words, whatever he promises to do he will try his level best to fulfill it) Mr. Jared Odhiambo, a resident of Nyalenda said.